CAPiTA Snowboards are hand-crafted in Austria
with 100% clean energy at our own manufacturing facility.

Completed in 2016, MARS1: MOTHERSHIP ADVANCED RESEARCH STATION 1 is the most technologically advanced and environmentally responsible manufacturing facility in the snowboard industry.

Award Winning Clean Energy Production

As the CAPiTA base station and manufacturing home, The Mothership – distinguished as a flagship of responsible manufacturing – was awarded the Energy Globe Award for Austria.

Known as Nature’s Nobel Prize, with 178 participating countries, the Energy Globe is today’s most prestigious environmental award. It is presented annually to projects focusing on reneweable energies and the conservation of resources.

100% Clean energy manufacturing

We produce our own clean energy.

The CAPiTA Mothership is the world's newest, most technologically advanced snowboard manufacturing facility—a clean energy production wonder. We generate the power for CAPiTA production processes via an on-site hydro-activated NH3 Thermal Energy System in concert with our newly installed solar panel array. As industry leaders, we hold ourselves accountable to continue to invest in the evolution of responsible production processes to preserve the winters we love so much.

From the board presses to the grinding line, we are proud that our self-generated clean energy is utilized to create the best snowboards in the world.


Unique Location = Reduced Carbon Footprint

The Mothership’s unique location in the southern border region of Austria allows for extraordinary access to key material suppliers, allowing production to minimize carbon intensive global freight shipping of raw materials and maximize contiguous delivery. This not only supports local businesses but also results in less energy used and less emissions released along the supply chain.

Our snowboards are crafted with 98% of materials locally sourced within a 5-hour drive of The Mothership.

Responsible Manufacturing

Sustainable, Recyclable Materials

In addition to investments in clean energy, the crew at The Mothership is also dedicated to challenging ourselves to find new ways to produce responsibly and find safer, more sustainable, and recyclable materials to use in construction.

The Mothership uses water-based, UV curable, and solventless inks in printing and zero toxic lacquer in topsheet application (thanks to our proprietary PLT technology), plant based bio resins in construction, and FSC certified wood cores.

Most recently we have introduced high performance, post-consumer, recycled Thermopolymer additives to select board models, like the Mega Merc, Super D.O.A. and more.


For decades, some of the greatest performing products in snowboarding have been built in the Austrian Alps. Maybe it’s being surrounded by lush green valleys and majestic mountain ranges, but Austria is renowned for producing globally desired premier products while maintaining a healthy work and life balance.

Establishing our manufacturing home in the Carinthia region has allowed us to retain quality jobs -- and create many new ones -- for a workforce known for incredible high-caliber production. We have been able to take advantage of a vast wealth of vested knowledge, while forging a new path through emerging technologies and leading our industry with Clean Energy manufacturing.

We feel the best snowboards in the world must be built in a region with an immersive alpine history, whose people live and breathe the crisp fresh air, and are exposed to the mountains from the day they were born. We’re proud that every CAPiTA snowboard is built upon multigenerational alpine know-how, by passionate people who care deeply about the snowboarding experience.

Since its opening in 2016, The CAPiTA Mothership has been recognized for its world-class production with countless industry test accolades and prestigious product design awards.


Our dedication to building the world’s best snowboards, with the most efficient and sustainable process, is galvanized by the company mantra –